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 Industrial Storage Solutions supplies used and refurbished Cantilever racks that are a multi level, high storage and cube specialty steel racks, engineered to handle many different sizes of products with easy product loading and removal.  Cantilever racks are generally composed of 3 parts: columns or uprights, arms, and x-braces which connect the columns together. 

Cantilever Racks are designed to store long flat material like lumber, tube or bars that can be stocked up to 6,000lbs. per pair of arms. Heavy-gauge steel construction stand up to rugged use and will not sag or collapse when fully loaded. Arms adjust on 3" centers and are available either straight or inclined with 2" lip or without.  Cantilever rack systems are usually custom made for the customer for their unique size and weight storage applications. These heavy duty cantilever racks come in 2 basic styles: single sided and double sided.

Cantilever Racks that have flexible units let you add storage as your needs grow. All capacities shown for columns and arms are based on evenly distributed loads. For other sizes and capacities, contact us for more information.

 Cantilever racks are ideal for storing products such as:

  • Pipes and tubes 
  • Appliances
  • Lumber and plywood 
  • Furniture
  • I-beams, bar stocks and rods


Heavy duty single-sided cantilever racks can only have materials stored on one side with a certain weight capacity depending on the amount of arms installed on the cantilever rack.  Heavy duty double-sided cantilever racks can have materials stored on both sides and have weight capacities depending on the double-sided cantilever rack structure. Industrial Storage Solutions makes sure that used cantilever racks are tested to make sure that the structure is safe and sturdy. 


USED RACK WANTED We Want to Buy Your Unwanted Pallet Rack & Cantilever Racks. Are you Closing a Facility? Consolidating Distribution Centers? Relocating? Upgrading Your Equipment? CALL US TODAY!